IFRF - Finnish Flame  Research Committee

Finnish-Swedish Flame Days 2009
January 28-29, 2009

Naantali Spa hotel
Naantali, Finland

The National Committees of Finland and Sweden of the International Flame Research Foundation organized Finnish-Swedish Flame Days 2009 on January 28-29, 2009 in Naantali, Finland. The event was a success. Almost 100 participants around Scandinavia attended the Flame Days. The participants represented universities, research institutes and companies.

The event program included three keynote lectures from invited speakers. These speakers were Sirkka Koskela (Finnish Environment Institute), Esa Kurkela (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) and Esa Mäki (Oy AGA Ab). 27 presentations were given in four parallel sessions during the two days. These presentations described ongoing energy research and research plans in Finland and in Scandinavia. Also many posters were presented in the event. The conference dinner was eaten on Wednesday evening. Good conversations took place and many friends were made during the evening. The presentations and the posters can be found below. The next Finnish-Swedish Flame Days will be organized in Sweden in three years time.

“Stabilization of a Diluted H2 Lifted Jet Flame: Numerical Study and Control” by C. Duwig was awarded as the best paper of the event.

The Program of Finnish-Swedish Flame Days 2009

Koskela, Sirkka. Finnish Environment Institute. Environmental Impacts of Energy Production in Finland – a Life Cycle Approach. Presentation
Kurkela, Esa. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Gasification R&D Activities in Finland. Presentation
Niemi, Tommi / Mäki, Esa. Oy AGA Ab. Increased Efficiency in Heating: State-of-the-Art Oxyfuel Combustion. Paper

Opening Session

Välimäki and Hankalin. Opening Words

Session 1A

Carlsson P.
Gas Phase Reaction Schemes for Black Liquor Gasification Modeling. Paper Presentation
Engblom M. Modeling of Reactive Boundary Layers in Kraft Char Bed Burning. Paper Presentation
Jokiniemi J. Modelling Fine Particle Formation and Alkali Metal Deposition in BFB Combustion. Paper Presentation

Session 1B

Tilli A.
Biofuels in the Fuel Injection System of a Single-Cylinder Medium-Speed Diesel Engine. Paper Presentation
Sarvi A.
Combustion in Dual-Fuelled Gas Engines – The Effect of LCV-Gases and Detonation Sensitivity. Paper
Hillamo H. P
roperties of Engine Flow Fields and Combustion. Paper Presentation

Session 2A
Saario A. Optimization Methods in Minimization of Emissions from Combustion. Paper Presentation
Zhang Q. Properties of Pulverized Coal Combustion in High Temperature Air/Steam Mixture. Paper Presentation
Liukkonen M. Process State Identification and Modeling in a Fluidized Bed Energy Plant by Using Artificial Neural Networks. Paper Presentation
Li B. CFD Analysis of an Uptake Shaft with Slagging Walls. Paper Presentation

Session 2B
Zevenhoven M. Ash Forming Matter in Peat - the Role of Iron. Paper Presentation
Lehmusto J. Reactions of Potassium Chloride with Chromium as a First Step Towards High Temperature Corrosion in Biomass Combustion. Paper Presentation
Bankiewicz D. First Results of Deposit and Corrosion Tests Using a High Temperature Corrosion Probe in a 30 kW BFB during Combustion of Wood Pellets Doped with Zn. Paper Presentation
Nicia K. Testing Procedures for Ceramic Refractory Materials in Bottom Grid of Biomass/Waste-Fired CFBs. Paper Presentation

Session 3A
Kallio S. Experimental and Numerical Study of Hydrodynamics in a Circulating Fluidized Bed. Paper Presentation
Niska J.
Oxyfuel Combustion of Low-Calorific Blast Furnace Gas for Steel Reheating Furnaces. Paper Presentation
Duwig C. Stabilization of a Diluted H2 Lifted Jet Flame: Numerical Study and Control. Paper Presentation
Lampinen M. J. Thermodynamic Analysis of Ideal Combustion Engines and Illustration of the Theory by  a Pressure Recovery System.

Session 3B

Zevenhoven R.
CO2 Emissions Mitigation in Finland by Carbonation of Silicate Minerals and Industrial Wastes. Paper Presentation
Hankalin V. On Thermal Properties of a Pyrolysing Wood Particle. Paper Presentation
Rodriguez M.
Effect of O2 and CO2 Content on Particle Surface Temperature and Size of Coal Char during Combustion. Paper Presentation
Malinen K. Controlled Combustion of Low-Quality Gas Mixtures. Paper Presentation

Sessions 4A

Salmenoja K.
NOx Emissions from Kraft Pulp Mills. Paper Presentation
Vainikka P. Bromine and Chlorine in Aerosols and Fly Ash in Co-Firing of Solid Recovered Fuel, Spruce Bark and Paper Mill Sludge in 80 MWth BFB Boiler. Paper Presentation
Niemi S. H
C-SCR Catalyst for NOx Reduction in an Off-Road Diesel Engine: Preliminary Results. Paper

Session 4B
Lindholm J. Flame Retardant Research at Åbo Akademi University. Paper Presentation
Savolainen K. Particle Mixing in Gas-Solid Bubbling Bed. Paper Presentation


Goktepe B. Thermo-Acoustical Phenomena in Wood Powder Burners. Extended Abstract
Larmi M. Future Combustion Technology for Synthetic and Renewable Fuels in Compression Ignition Engines. Extended Abstract
Sorvajärvi T. Analysis of Alkali Halides by Pulsed Laser Photoacoustic Diagnostics. Extended Abstract

Closing Session
Välimäki and Hankalin. Closing Words