IFRF - Finnish Flame  Research Committee

Swedish-Finnish Flame Days 2011
January 26-27, 2011

Pite Havsbad Conference Hotel
Piteå, Sweden

The National Committees of Finland and Sweden of the International Flame Research Foundation together with the Scandinavian-Nordic Section of the Combustion Institute organized Swedish-Finnish Flame Days 2011 on January 26-27, 2011 in Piteå, Sweden. Around 60 participants from Sweden, Finland and Denmark attended the Flame Days. The participants represented universities, research institutes and companies.

The event program included three keynote lectures from invited speakers. These speakers were Lars-Erik Åmand (Chalmers University of Technology), Maria Anheden (Vattenfall) and Rikard Gebart (Luleå University of Technology). 34 presentations were given in four sessions during the two days. These presentations described ongoing energy research and research plans in Finland and in Scandinavia. The conference dinner was eaten on Wednesday evening. Good conversations took place and entertaining rock-show was seen. The proceedings papers maybe founded below. The next Finnish-Swedish Flame Days will be organized in Finland in three years time.

The Program and Papers of Swedish-Finnish Flame Days 2011

Wednesday Jan 26
      Welcome, Opening and Introduction
      Session 1: Multifuel Combustion
      Session 2: Engines Experiments and Modelling
      Session 3: Oxyfuel Combustion
      Conference Dinner
Thursday Jan 27
      Session 4: Gasification
      Bus to excursion to Sunpine diesel from tall oil-factory and Solander Science Park

Lars-Erik Åmand, Keynote lecture: Multifuel combustion in fluidized beds, synergy effects?
Anne Juul Pedersen, Hao Wu, Flemming J. Frandsen, Bo Sander,
Formation and characteristics of combustion aerosols from co-firing of coal and solid recovered fuel in a 400MW pf-fired coal boiler
Chistian Fredriksson, Daniel Marjavaaa, Fia Lindros, Samuel Jonsson, Stefan Savonen, Neil Smith,
Combustion and Emission challenges at LKAB
Britt-Marie Steenari, Lars-Erik Åmand, Jessica Bowhalli,
Agglomeration of the bed material in fluidized bed reactors for themal conversion of biomass - A threat for the development of the FBC technology
Martti Aho, Tapio Envall, Gengda Li, Shuiqing Li,
Bed agglomeration during co-firing chinese straws with two coals
J. Pettersson, J. Froitzheim, C. Pettersson, T. Jonsson, M. Halvarsson, L.-G. Johansson, J.-E. Svensson,
Effects of Alkali Salts on the High Temperature Corrosion of Stainless Steels
Sofia Karlsson, Lars-Erik Åmand, Jesper Pettersson,
Reducing high temperature corrosion when burning waste by adding digested sewage sludge
Marianne Gyllenhammar, Kent Davidsson, Torbjörn Jonsson,
Co-firing of shredder light fraction with waste and sewage sludge
Håkan Kassman, Johannes Öhlin, Jessica Bohwalli, Lars-Erik Åmand,
Influence of O2 during Sulphation of KCl in a Biomass Fired CFB Boiler
Wlodzimierz Blasiak, Weihong Yang, Jun Li, A Ponzio,
Volumetric Combustion of biomass in boiler for CO2 and NOx reduction
Ari Kankkunen, Pasi Miikkulainen, Mika Järvinen, Carl-Johan Fogelholm,
Spraying Characteristics of Mixed Black Liquor - Two Different Spraying Cases
Mika Järvinen, Ari Kankkunen, Pasi Miikkulainen, Ville-Pekka Heikkilä,
A One-Dimensional Flow Model of a Flashing Black Liquor Gun - Study of Vapor Generation Sub-Models
Christophe Duwig, Matthew J. Dunn,
Simulation of turbulent combustion in the distributed reaction regime
John Niska, Anders Rensgard,
Improved IR Pyrometry in Furnaces using a Radiation Shield
Klas Andersson, Fredrik Normann, Daniel Fleig, Filip Johnsson,
Keynote lecture: Pollutant Formation in Oxy-Fuel Combustion: An Overview of Recent Experimental and Modelling Work
Maria Anheden,
Keynote lecture: Scale-up and road to commercialisation of oxyfuel technology
Ossi Kaario, Anders Brink, Kalle Lehto, Karri Keskinen, Martti Larmi,
Studying Equivalence ratio - Temperature Maps in a Heavy Duty Diesel Engine
Karin Fröjd, Cathleen Perlman, Adina Tunér, Fabian Mauss,
1D engine modeling by the use of detailed reaction kinetics
Jingzhou Yu, Harri Hillamo, Teemu Sarjovaara, Tuomo Hulkkonen, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi,
Experimental Investigation on Low Pressure Gas Jet Characteristics by Tracer-based PLIF Technique
Tuomo Hulkkonen, Harri Hillamo, Teemu Sarjovaara, Martti Larmi,
Spray Studies and Diesel Fuel Comparison
Matteo Imperto, Aki Tilli, Teemu Sarjovaara, Martti Larmi,
High NOx Reduction Ashieved at Low Load Using Very Advanced Valve Timing with Hydro-Treated Vegetable Oil
Iiro Hirvensalo,
Steam Locomotive of the 21´st century - Utopy or Opportunity?
Chuan Wang, Andy Cameron, Axel Bodén, Jonny Karlsson, Patrick Lawrence Hooey,
Hot stove oxygen-enriched combustion in an iron-making plant
Daniel Nordgren, Niklas Berglin Lennart Rangmark, Tomas Ekman, Carola Grönberg, Henrik Wiiniika,
Studies of heat transfer and furnace temperature uniformity during combustion of oil and wood using oxygen enrichment technology
Jacob Brix, Peter Arendt Jensen, Peter Glarborg,
Char conversion under Suspension Fired Conditions in O2/N2 and O2/CO2 Atmospheres
Jenny D. Naucler, Moah Christensen, Elna J. K. Nilsson, Alexander A. Konnov,
Laminar burning velocities of Ethanol flames at Oxy-fuel conditions
Rikard Gebart,
Keynote lecture: Swedish Research on Forest Biomass Gasification and Syngas Conversion into Second Generation Motor Fuels
Truls Liliedahl, Krister Sjöström,
Concentrations of methane and higher hydrocarbons during fluidised bed gasification of biomass
Fredrik Lind, Mikael Israelsson, Martin Seeman, Henrik Thunman,
Tar Cleaning in Dual Fluidized Bed with Mn3O4 on Mg - ZrO2 as Catalyst
Anton Larsson, Martin Seeman, Henrik Thunman,
Assessment of the Mass and Energy Flows in the Chalmers Gasifier
Henrik Tolvanen, Lauri Kokko, Risto Raiko,
The Factors Controlling Combustion and Gasification Kinetics of Solid Fuels
Isak Lindén, Atte Aho, Nikolai DeMartini, Anders Brink, Dmitry Murzin, Mikko Hupa, Jyri-Pekka Mikkola,
Pyrolysis of Lignin in a Laboratory Fluidized Bed Reactor
Oskar Karlström, Anders Brink, Mikko Hupa,
Modeling of black liquor conversion - overlapping of drying, devolatization and char gasification
Magnus Marklund, Per Carlsson, Rikard Gebart,
Entrained flow Black Liquor Gasification - Considerations for improvements of CFD reactor model predictions