IFRF - Finnish Flame  Research Committee

IX Liekkipäivä 2018

Dipoli, Espoo

IFRF Suomen kansallinen osasto järjesti tiistaina 23. lokakuuta 2018 IX Liekkipäivän Dipolissa Espoossa. Liekkipäivä on puolivuosittainen Suomessa erityinen foorumi polttotekniikan parissa työskenteleville teollisuuden ja yliopistojen edustajille.

Liekkipäivässä jaettiin seitsemättä kertaa Poltto ja palaminen -opinnäytetyöpalkinto, jonka sai tällä kertaa Felix Wikholm Aalto-yliopistoon tekemästään diplomityöstä "Measuring fuel particle velocities in a pilot-scale circulating fluidized bed riser".

(In English) The Finnish Flame Research Committee organized the IX Leikkipäiväi on 23rd of October in Dipoli, Espoo. Leikkipäiväi is a bi-annual special forum for both industry and academia in the field of combustion technology.

The 7th annual "Poltto ja palaminen" award was handed out during the IX Leikkipäivä program to Felix Wikholm of Aalto University for his M.Sc. thesis titled "Measuring fuel particle velocities in a pilot-scale circulating fluidized bed riser".

Ohjelma ja esitykset/Program and Presentations

23.10.2018, Dipoli, Espoo
8:30 Registration & Coffee
Opening of IX Liekkipäivä
9:15 Vesna Barisic Opening of IX Liekkipäivä FFRC Chair, Sumitomo SHI FW
9:30 Philip Sharman IFRF at 70 IFRF
10:00 Toni Pikkarainen Negative CO2 emissions by bioenergy with carbon capture and storage - why and how?
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
10:40 Break
Session A: Reaction Kinetics & Combustion Chemistry
11:00 Timo Pekkanen Accurate determinations of rate coefficients under combustion relevant conditions: Photoionization mass spectrometry & master equation simulations. University of Helsinki
11:20 Heikki Lamberg Study of high-temperature oxidation of wood combustion particles using tandem differential mobility analysis. University of Eastern Finland
11:40 Aino Vettenranta Use of chemical equilibrium modeling in boiler design Valmet Technologies Oy
12:00 Markku Nikku Three dimensional modeling of a Chinese circulating fluidized bed incinerator firing municipal solid waste. Lappeenranta University of Technology
Session B: Solid Fuel Combustion
11:00 Jonatan Skagersten Influence of particle size distribution on the behavior of alkali & alkaline earth metals in solid recovered fuel combustion in a circulating fluidized bed. Aalto University
11:20 Mikko Salo Dynamic testing of co-combusting lignite with straw & refuse derived fuels in a 1MWth pilot plant. Sumitomo SHI FW
11:40 Raimo Timonen Using freshly cut wood ships as a fuel in heat plants, efficient Finnish bioenergy production.(FI) University of Helsinki
12:00 Toni Pikkarainen Asphaltene fluidised bed combustion. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
12:30 Lunch
Poltto ja Palaminen Session
13:30 Sonja Enestam Rewarding the "Poltto ja palaminen" 2017 thesis award. FFRC Vice-chair, Valmet Technologies Oy
13:40 Jukka Konttinen The importance and sustainability of bioenergy in Finland and globally. Tampere University of Technology
Session C: Novel Concepts, Technologies & Systems
14:25 Felix Wikholm 2017 Poltto ja Palaminen Award winner: Measuring fuel particle velocities in a pilot-scale circulating fluidized bed riser. Aalto University
14:45 Lassi Karvonen Next generation ultra-low NOx burner by Oilon. Oilon Technology Oy
15:05 Tomi J Lindroos Achieving lower cost negative CO2 emissions with a new bio-CLC technology. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Session D: Reaction Kinetics & Combustion Chemistry
14:25 Heikki Kahila Applying non-linear embedding & clustering algorithms for high-dimensional combustion problem. Aalto University
14:45 Georgios Kanellis Gradient based emission optimization of a BFBB. Tampere University of Technology
15:05 Ekaterina Sermyagina Characterization & kinetic study of the combustion of coffee-pine-based wood briquettes. Lappeenranta University of Technology
Session E: Heterogeneous & Spray Combustion
14:25 Arkke Eskola Towards understanding autoignition chemistry of fuel-Air (Oxygen) mixtures important for new IC-engine technologies using a novel high-pressure reactor interfaced with a synchrotron photoionization time-of-flight mass-spectrometer. University of Helsinki
14:45 Bulut Tekgul Influence of temperature on diesel spray ignition in methane-air mixtures. Aalto University
15:05 Martti Larmi A visualization of diesel-methane dual fuel combustion in an optical engine. Lappeenranta University of Technology
15:25 Kahvi
Session F: Diagnostics
15:45 Jan Viljanen Online laser monitoring of metal chloride & oxygen concentration using collinear photo-fragmentation & atomic absorption spectroscopy. Tampere University of Technology
16:05 Sampsa Väätäinen Wood Combustion Simulator (SIMO): A novel concept for studying small-scale combustion appliances. University of Eastern Finland
16:25 Santeri Koivisto Characteristics of a pressure-swirl atomizer while injecting high-viscosity liquids. Aalto University
Session G: Novel Concepts, Technologies & Systems
15:45 Anders Brink Chemical Looping Combustion of biomass - fate of ash forming elements. Åbo Akademi University
16:05 Davide Fantozzi Protective coatings for high temperature chlorine induced corrosion & erosion. Valmet Technologies Oy
16:25 Roland Balint A novel method for long-term measurements to investigate the effect of a temperature gradient on recovery boiler deposit chemistry & morphology. Aalto University
Session H: Novel Concepts, Technologies & Systems
15:45 Mariana Carvalho Circulating Fluidized Bed Scrubber (CFBS) pilot tests in 1 MWth scale. Sumitomo SHI FW
16:05 Sanna Tuomi Steam-blown dual fluidized-bed gasification of biomass residues for intermediate-scale production of transportation fuels & heat. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
16:25 Heikki Suhonen Electrically enhanced particle matter reduction of flue gas scrubbers & cyclones in small biomass-fired boilers. University of Eastern Finland
16:50 Anders Brink Introducing the Nordic Flame Days 2019 NFD2019 Organizing Committee
16:05 Mohamed Magdeldin Closing. FFRC Secretary
18:30 Dinner